Born into an artistic family on the paternal side, Trapezaroff Michel was born in Thonon in 1947. At the age of twelve he interested himself in painting and began to paint. Self-formed mainly in museums by observing and studying the masters. Instinctively attracted by classical art, he is strongly influenced by the French and Dutch landscape painters of the seventeenth and the nineteenth century, the classical, the Barbizon school and especially by Russian naturalists and northern schools. Although the painting attracts and fascinates, Michel Trapezaroff is trained by his father in the art of drawing for textiles. In this area, he specializes in the precise reasons and miniaturists. It thus acquires theattention to detail and craftsmanship … Mastery of painting technique, the precision of a slow and methodical work and a clear vision of reality astonishment, give the painting Trapezaroff Michel, full of sensitivity, a note deeply personal and real. BEATRICE HAUSAMANN (Berlin 1991)